About us

     Shenzhen Korth Ultrasonic Technology Co., Ltd. is China's record Acoustical Society, Society of power ultrasound companies, began in 1986, is the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Acoustics, Department of Electrical and technical cooperation unit 11, the first to introduce, digest, absorb the U.S. " BRANSON "coupled with technical innovation and improvement, and put into mass production of the first domestic manufacturer of ultrasonic plastic welding equipment, has won several national scientific and technological progress awards, which cover multi-position automatic ultrasonic welding, not only replaced import and fill the domestic blank in this field; while the new technology of ultrasonic welding gradually introduced in all sectors of the Chinese-made auto parts into the process of technological upgrading of the manufacturing sector representatives also played a role in promoting good .
Since its establishment, adhering to the "but focused, so professional; but first, it is leading" the entrepreneurial spirit, and strive to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, continue to expand in ultrasound applications, products include automotive, medical, packaging, toys, electronics, home appliances, batteries, etc.; product line includes high and low frequency, size, power and non-standard series, the automation system and other thermoplastic plastic welding and metal welding equipment; particularly in the high-frequency welding, automatic frequency tracking and precision welding technology with leading edge technology.

Think people will be creating the "integrity" and "harmony", "service", "quality" | "innovative" business philosophy, the use of modern enterprise management mode to raise the overall quality of management, innovation theme, with high quality of the position, that provide cost-effective products as the goal to establish a brand image approach to business, to better meet customer demand, services in the community, in the expanding field of ultrasonic applications, and create a new world.

Korth look forward to your record in the same hand; total development; Qi prosperity!