15K precision ultrasonic plastic welding machine

STR-1518 STR-1522 STR-1526

◆ ultrasonic plastic welding machine / new split
◆ new and improved U.S. "BRANSON" line, more efficient output
◆ electric precision fine-tuning limit, high precision
◆ limit structure by welding the first center to ensure that welding is not shift
◆ Adjustable floor structure, convenient
◆ Linear Ball Slide, to ensure the long-term high-precision welding welding head movement
◆ U.S. original piezoelectric ceramic transducer, the output strong and stable
◆ Japanese Ace Steel Horn, extremely resistant
◆ cylinder two-way movement, more precise positioning
◆ plane with adjustable welding head structure, convenient transfer mode
◆ complete assembly of imported components by World Brand