Ultrasonic Basics

We know that when the object emits the sound vibration. Scientists called the number of vibrations per second frequency of the sound, its unit is Hz. We sound the human ear can hear frequencies from 20 to 20,000 Hz. When the sound waves is greater than the vibration frequency of 20,000 Hz or less than 20 Hz, we hear. Therefore, we sound frequencies above 20,000 Hz is called "ultrasound" is usually used in medical diagnostic ultrasound frequency of 1 to 5 MHz. Ultrasound has a good direction, penetrating ability, and easy to obtain a higher concentration of sound energy, in water from far away and so on. Can be used for distance, speed, cleaning, welding, stone and so on. In medical, military, industry, agriculture has an obvious role. Theoretical studies have shown that under the same conditions in the amplitude, the vibration of an object is proportional to the energy and vibration frequency of ultrasonic propagation in the medium, the medium high frequency of particle vibration, so much energy. In the winter dry season in northern China, and if pass into the ultrasonic tank, the violent vibration of the water tank will break into many small droplets, and then a small fan blowing into the droplet interior, can increase the indoor air humidity. This is the principle of ultrasonic humidifiers. For sore throat. bronchitis and other diseases, medicines to fight disease is difficult to flow to the site. use of humidifiers principle, the liquid spray, the patient inhaled, can effect. using ultrasonic energy can make a huge body stones do violent vibration of the broken.